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Book chapter added on Direct Digital Synthesis

Extensive chapter added about Direct Digital Synthesis.

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New Book Chapter

I just posted a free book chapter on the site for anyone who has subscribed. The chapter is about 80 pages long and goes into a wide range of topics related to direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS). Definitely worth a read or a place in your reference material as this is not the same DDS […]

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Dreaded Interview Questions Just for Fun- Part I

James A Crawford Having reached a sufficient station in life that I have either heard most of the typical interview questions that might come my own direction, or have the wit and nonsense to navigate my way through something that I don’t know and talk about the weather or something completely unrelated, this on-going collection […]

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PLL Minimum Gain and Phase Margins

The minimum acceptable gain- and phase-margin depends upon your application of course. Phase margin is generally more critical unless wide variations in loop-gain are expected (due to large changes in the feedback divider ratio, VCO tuning sensitivity, or equivalent). Small phase margin always leads to (i) phase noise peaking in the frequency domain and (ii) […]

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