Advanced Phase-Lock Techniques

Artech House, 2008

Approx.. 510 pages, 480 figures & 1200 eq., 10.1″ x 7.3 x 1.3″

Ch 1—- Phase-Locked Systems- A High-Level Perspective
Ch 2—- Design Notes
Ch 3—- Fundamental Limits
Ch 4—- Noise in PLL-Based Systems
Ch 5—- System Performance
Ch 6—- Fundamental Concepts for Continuous-Time Systems
Ch 7—- Fundamental Concepts for Sampled-Data Control Systems
Ch 8—- Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers
Ch 9—- Oscillators
Ch 10— Bit Synchronization

Sample Pages

Reviews at Microwaves & RF (May 2008) and at Microwave Journal (April 2008).

Complete Table of Contents

Errata sheet.

The Matlab code used to create all of the computed results given in the text is provided on an accompanying CD.

Example chapter appendices are 6C, 6D and 7A.

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Frequency Synthesizer Design Handbook

Artech House, 1994
Approx. 435 pages, 265 figures & 620 eq., 9.2″ x 6.3″ x 1.4″

Ch 1—- Introduction to Computed-Aided Frequency Synthesizer Design
Ch 2—- Building Blocks for Frequency Synthesis Using Phase-Locked Loops
Ch 3—- Phase Noise and Its Impact on System Performance
Ch 4—- Phase-Locked Loop Analysis for Continuous Linear Systems
Ch 5—- Frequency Synthesis Using Sampled-Data Control Systems
Ch 6—- Fast-Switching Frequency Synthesizer Design Considerations
Ch 7—- Hybrid Phase-Locked Loops
Ch 8—- MACSET: A Computer Program for the Design and Analysis of Phase-Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizers
Ch 9—- Fractional-N Frequency Synthesis

Errata sheet.

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