Telescope Design

No single telescope design is ideal for all user scenarios. When it comes to making telescopes myself, I thought it also wise to develop a progression of telescope design projects through which I can refine my craft rather than shoot for a home-run on my first telescope construction project since highschool.

U15527 First Round of Telescope Designs on Paper, J.A. Crawford (4.9 MB)

Designs considered thus far include:

  • Paul Baker variants
  • Aplanatic Gregorian
  • Ritchey-Chretien
  • Flat-Field Schmidt Cassegrain
  • Houghton Cassegrain
  • Lurie-Houghton

U15526 Cassegrain Paraxial Design Parameters, J.A. Crawford

U15228 Paul Baker Telescope Focal Length Relationships, J.A. Crawford

U15522 Reflection from Spherical Surface, J.A. Crawford