Technical Papers

This site has many original technical articles written on a wide range of topics from phase-locked loops and frequency synthesizers to methods of computing square-roots and elliptic integrals as found on this page. The papers are grouped by tab / subject matter below:

Digital Signal Processing

“Approximation for Root( I2 + Q2),” J.A. Crawford.

“Computation of Square Roots,” J.A. Crawford .

“Optimum Eigenfilter Design Methodology,” J.A. Crawford.

“Computing Data Windows Recursively,” J.A. Crawford.
Discusses simple numerical means suitable for DSP implementation for computing Gaussian and Blackman data windows. Method can be easily extended to many other window types.

Transceiver Design

Excerpts from U.S. Air Force SBIR 1992 “Advanced Manpack Satellite Terminal.” J.A. Crawford Principal Investigator

Part I

Part II

“CMOS Frequency-Hopped Transceiver,” Behbahani, et al.

“Receiver Architectures,” Renfors, M.

“Receiver Design Tools”

Telescope Project

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