RF to IF Translator

Communication system architects must occasionally translate one frequency band to another one while preserving signal fidelity to the maximum degree possible. This may entail translating a traditional IF frequency band to a traditional RF frequency band, or visa versa. The AM-X product family is dedicated to these very tasks.

The IF center frequencies supported by the AM-X100 (RF to IF translator) and the AM-X200 (IF to RF translator) can range anywhere from 140 MHz to 600 MHz in the basic unit, extending down to a lower frequency limit of 70 MHz in the extended coverage models. The RF center frequencies supported span from 950 MHz to 2150 MHz in the basic units, expanding the lower frequency limit to 700 MHz in the extended coverage models. The AM-X300 and AM-300+ models combine the RF-to-IF and IF-to-RF functions into one module.

All models comes in the PCIe card form-factor.

These details are summarized in the table below:

Model Min. Input Freq., MHz Max. Input Freq., MHz Min. Output Freq., MHz Max. Output Freq., MHz
AM-X100 140 600 950 2150
AM-X100+ 70 600 700 2150
AM-X200 950 2150 140 600
AM-X200+ 70 600 700 2150
AM-X300 Functionality of AM-X100 and AM-X200 combined
AM-X300+ Functionality of AM-X100+ and AM-X200+ combined

The adopted output/input frequency must be amendable to the signal bandwidth being employed.