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Using Companion Models for Time-Domain Simulation of ODE’s

Companion models can be used to quickly formulate the solution of simultaneous ordinary differential equations like those associated with analog circuitry. This approach is particularly helpful when this capability must be embedded in tools like MATLAB / SIMULINK / C++. The PDF file is located by following this link.

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Book chapter added on Direct Digital Synthesis

Extensive chapter added about Direct Digital Synthesis.

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New Book Chapter

I just posted a free book chapter on the site for anyone who has subscribed. The chapter is about 80 pages long and goes into a wide range of topics related to direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS). Definitely worth a read or a place in your reference material as this is not the same DDS […]

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Approximation for RMS

Approximation for SQRT( I2 + Q2 ) with Gaussian Noise Present When a complex signal is represented in terms of in-phase (I) and quadrature-phase (Q) components, a commonly used approximation for the signal root-mean-square (RMS) value is Assuming a large number of OFDM subcarriers in the intended application, I and Q appear to both be […]

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Computing Data Windows Recursively

Data windows are indispensable for computing the spectral characteristics of signal waveforms that are not periodic in time. In the context of hardware-based digital signal processing, most if not all data windows are expressed in terms of fairly complex function that are not convenient for embedding in a FPGA or custom ASIC. This memo presents […]

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