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Potato Cannon and Chronograph- Part II

Details about building a pneumatic-based potato cannon. The more interesting part is its performance assessment. Link to Part I. Link to Part II.

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4×10 Workbench with Pneumatic Lift

I wanted a large workbench with surface dimensions a bit larger than the standard 4×8 foot material I frequently work on. I also wanted it (almost) rock-solid to do some optics-related work. The workbench is very heavy- but I designed in pneumatic lifters so that I can easily put the bench on wheels when I […]

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Potato Cannon with Chronograph- Part I

Details about building a pneumatic-based potato cannon. The more interesting part is its performance assessment. Link to Part I.

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Tunable LC Bandpass Filters- Part I & II

I’ve just completed Parts I and II of a design document for tunable bandpass filters using varactors. A number of helpful closed-form solutions are included. Link to Part I. Link to Part II.

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CNC Router & Interview Questions

I have just added two new sections, one for my CNC Router related projects and a second one for interview related questions. Both are works in progress.

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New Article in Microwaves and RF Out

My article in Microwaves & RF finally hit. The web version has a lot of typos in it, however, so you will probably find the PDF version a lot easier read. Follow this link and you’ll see the file link. Thanks for your interest.

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Computing Data Windows Recursively

Data windows are indispensable for computing the spectral characteristics of signal waveforms that are not periodic in time. In the context of hardware-based digital signal processing, most if not all data windows are expressed in terms of fairly complex function that are not convenient for embedding in a FPGA or custom ASIC. This memo presents […]

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New materials added

My 2008 textbook shipped with a CD that had the actual MATLAB scripts that I used to compute/plot every figure in the book. Several written appendices were also made available on the CD, and these have been up-loaded to the Papers section of the site ( Appendix 6C, 6D, and 7A, all under Phase-Locked Loops). […]

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Most of the Site is Up

I was able to get most of the site up over the weekend except for the project section. If you see any broken links, misspelled words, etc., I would appreciate hearing from you!

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Major Revision

Welcome to the site. This is a major revision that will unfold over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

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