Other References

The references that follow are some of the best available for phase-locked loops and frequency synthesis in general.

Book References

Viterbi, A. (1966). Principles of Coherent Communications, New York: McGraw-Hill

A tremendous amount of literature is available on the phase-locked loop (PLL) topic. Much of the material is available in the IEEE technical journals (e.g., Circuits and Systems) and other technical sources. Much of the first serious work on PLLs used for receivers was done by NASA and JPL in connection with deep-space communications.

Short historical accounts of PLLs can be found in Gardner (1979) and Crawford (1994).

Phase-Locked Loops on the Internet

General PLLs
PLL Simulation Using System View
PLL Links from RFEngineer
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Reference Books
Synthesizer Tutorial & Design Information (Spread Spectrum Scene)

The phase-locked loop concept is used extensively in both high signal-to-noise (SNR) situations as in connection with frequency synthesis, and variable SNR situations as in PLL-based receivers, carrier and clock synchronization systems. The papers collected here are primarily concerned with frequency synthesis.

PLL Basics by Fujitsu
AN535 PLL Application Note from Motorola (Classic)


Many amateur radio projects
Many MIL-standards (free)

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