Time Gates

Vera cannon for sale. Doing well with the project below can lead to bigger adventures like Vera.

The time-gate project was a simple Arduino add-on project which made it possible to measure time-intervals of a passing projectile in time increments of 100 nsec. And to make the project a little more challenging, the projectiles involved were potatoes. Yes, potatoes.

This project would be an excellent choice for a science fair project or high school science/physics class in general. It entails electronic design and fabrication, laser diode emitters and detectors, fresnel lenses, microprocessors (Arduino), LCD display, and writing C-like software for the Arduino. And it is a crazy amount of fun to say the least!

A fairly detailed description of the electronic/mechanical design can be found in Part I with actual test measurement results found in Part II.

The Arduino chronograph assist can be provided fully assembled or in kit form. Contact sales@am1.us for additional details.

CAUTION! Only use compressed-air potato cannons rather than any combustible explosion for sake of both fire hazards, and the precise control of maximum pressures everywhere in the cannon!

On the firing line with the Arduino-based chronograph for potato velocity assessment. Arduino Uno and LCD control panel in the forefront

Setting up the Arduino-based chronograph for potato cannon performance assessment

Compressed-air based potato cannon just before application of camo paint job