AM1 Phase Noise Analysis Tool Main Screen

Phase Noise Analysis Tool

I frequently am involved in the design of fairly complicated RF systems in which phase noise, including coherency effects, must be carefully analyzed. This kind of work is very tedious to say the least, and error prone unless a suitable analysis tool is available. And during the design phase, when multiple topologies are involved and many alternatives considered, such a tool is a must.

I developed the Phase Noise Analysis Tool in 2012 – 2015. It has been indispensable!

Representative results for a complicated analysis are shown to the right. Many of the noise contributors are insignificant as shown – and graphical tools make it possible to change colors, line types, and remove individual curves as desired.

In the phase noise analysis mode (not the transfer function analysis mode), two analysis types are available. In the first type, each phase noise mechanism’s contribution to a specified output port is displayed. In the second type, individual phase noise contributions referenced to an output port are displayed.

In both analysis types, an auxiliary screen is provided to do such routine calculations as integrated phase noise.

A detailed example using the phase noise analysis tool is provided in this PDF document.

A very detailed user’s guide including all of the phase noise models incorporated into the tool is provided in this document.

Complicated analysis results with legend

Complicated analysis results with legend turned off