3-Axis Positioner

One of my clients had need for a small 3-axis fixed positioner and nothing could be found on the market to serve the needs in the time frame needed. Based upon my telescope work, I cranked out two 3-axis positioners. The fixed positioner was completed whereas the computer-controlled positioner is still in work and more a side project of my own more than anything else.

Fixed 3-Axis Positioner

Fixed 3-Axis Positioner Alternate View

Fixed 3-Axis Positioner Left with Servo-Driven Positioner Right, Both Under Development

Photogrammetry Project Part IV

I’ve been rather slow in up-loading the last installment of my photogrammetry project. The write-up can be found here. This segment is largely focused on optical encoders and related topics.

Photogrametry Project Part III Added

Part III of my Photogrammetry project has just been uploaded to the site.