Golden Rules

Technical Knowledge and Expertise– An obviously key ingredient that is often one of the more easily quantified attributes. AM1’s Managing Partner (MP) exemplifies excellence in the design services arena and he sets the professional bar for all of AM1’s activities.

  • More than 12 years as a full-time professional consultant / advisor / design services manager
  • Technical author
  • Co-founder / CTO of Magis Networks
  • Sr Staff positions at firms like TRW, Hughes, and Linkabit
  • More than 30 filed or assigned US patents
  • MSEE USC Quantum Electronics / BSEE U. Nebraska

Protecting Client’s Intellectual Property- Each client’s business and technical information must be separately fire-walled and protected. So-called “cross polination” of information from one client to another must not occur.

Having been a business owner and executive himself, the MP understands both sides of this critical issue. He has contributed to patent filings for multiple clients. AM1 does not simultaneously engage in other projects that may present a conflict of interest between its clients.

Interpersonal Skills- This begins with being a good listener. Being an effective product development service provider frequently demands great flexibility in order to work with many different personalities and work perspectives. Any “consultant ego” needs to be checked at the door.

Human factors are often as significant as the technical issues. Technical advise must always be delivered with tact and professionalism. A good service provider builds bridges between project staff members while simultaneously achieving directed goals.

Project Documentation & Legacy- Product development activities must be adequately documented so that clients are not held hostage for information as soon as the services company completes the project. Some parties view their limited documentation as job security whereas AM1 views good documentation as an important part of a job well done.

Product Development Cost- While there are clearly dollar costs involved with hiring an outside firm, the hidden costs can be substantial if the preceding key ingredients are lacking. Similarly, a good design services company can be a manpower multiplier within a client’s organization through their own personal work ethic and pursuit of technical excellence, inspiring others to raise their own level of performance as well.

If a technical task can be precisely quantified and defined, AM1 can bid the effort for a fixed-cost or basic hourly rate. Larger projects that also involve the customer’s staff must necessarily be handled on an hourly basis. AM1’s value-added to any project is maximized if the customer has at least one of their staff involved on the project.

The Golden Rule: Protect every client’s intellectual property as if it were their own while delivering exceptional value to further each client’s business and technical objectives.