Words from Clients

Building a successful design services company takes a long time because so many of the projects come by way of repeat-customers and referrals. Every project is very important. It takes only a short time to lose a successful practice if this perspective becomes soft…

Complete letters of reference can be provided upon request. Only a few excerpts are provided here.

“…In summary, the product works beyond expectations and is in the process of integration into cellular phones at the time of the writing of this letter. Jim was, in no small part, responsible for this product working and his area of ownership was the most difficult part of the product!

Jim is hard-working and very professional in everything he does. He exhibits an extraordinarily high level of ownership and accountability for any project that he undertakes. On numerous occassions, Jim pulled together a small multi-disciplinary team of engineers to solve specific problems. He approaches those problems in a methodical and thorough fashion, while keeping the entire team focused on the most critical tasks. In all cases, the problems were solved within weeks and he gained the respect of the entire team involved during the process.”

D.S., CEO, Sequoia Communications, 2008

“…Jim is a very rare talent with a unique combination of expertise in both theoretical analysis and practical application. This makes him successful in all stages of communications design, from architecture, partitioning of RF and signal processing, to implementation and lab testing.

At Sequoia Communications, Jim designed a unique (patent pending) solution to overcome a difficult implementation issue in our transmit chain. He did all of the analysis, DSP simulation, and led the implementation. This “saved our bacon” in a key performance area. Jim also served as the system lead on all of our synthesizer related work.

In the personal area, Jim has a strong sense of ownership and commitment. In all the opportunities in which I have seen him operate (as a consultant, as my boss, and as a peer), Jim has always shown the highest level of professionalism. You can be assured that if he takes on a position or task, he will see it through to its successful conclusion.”

D.C., VP of Engineering, Sequoia Communications, 2008

“…I developed an enormous amount of respect for Jim’s technical and leadership skills as well as his fairness in the treatment of employees. I am confident that Jim’s credentials speak volumes to his technical expertise for the development of complex radio systems. At Magis, Jim was the architect behind the radio design for the Air5 Product Line. His radio design was able to give the Air5 Product a strong performance advantage over Magis’ competition….

What may not be so obvious is the value added from Jim’s leadership. He did an excellent job at identifying and convincing top talent to join Magis. The engineering team that Jim assembled at Magis was very strong; in fact it was the most technically competent and cohesive team I have worked with in my career. As a leader of the engineering team, Jim was very good at motivating and praising individuals. He was also very good at appropriately dealing with individuals who were not performing up to expectations.

…Working for and with Jim Crawford at Magis Networks was a pleasure. He is an effective leader who instills confidence in his team and is respected for his fair treatment of employees.”

J.I., Director of VLSI, Magis Networks

“I want to personally thank you for all the help you’ve given PCSI on our CDPD base station development projects. Your strong analytical background combined with practical implementation skills have been a powerful asset to our radio design team and key to achieving our time to market goals.

As a manager, I’m deeply appreciative of the quality and detail you put into the documentation of your analysis. It creates a “paper trail” that is both easy to trace and educational; the MDBS transmitter splatter problem and your analysis of the synthesizer post-tuning drift effects comes to mind as I write this.”

R.C., Manager Infrastructure Group, PCSI

“…It is a distinct pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Jim Crawford. I have had the pleasure of working with Jim over the last two years. He was the Principal Architect and Design Lead for L-3 Communication’s xxxxxx based SATCOM telementry, tracking and commanding ground station. The xxxxxx system is extremely complex and is designed to replace a variety of custom SATCOM ground stations.

Jim performed the High Level System Design, High Level Analysis, Simulations, and most of the detailed circuit topology definitions for all aspects of this complex system. He is a unique individual with a wide variety of talents. I have never met a Phd-level engineer with such a unique array of capabilities….”

T. M., et al, L-3 Communications

“…Most recently he has been retained by me at my present place of employment to help with some very difficult RF systems and frequency synthesizer designs. He has provided guidance at the systems level and also actual circuit design that have again proven to be of excellent quality. He was instrumental in helping us to develop a difficult frequency synthesizer design that was needed to enable us to create a new, high performance satellite ground-station modem for the defense department.

…I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who needs a high quality, professional engineer to solve either systems level or circuit level challenges.”

R.M., Sr. RF Design Manager, L-3 Communications