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AM1 LLC provides in-house as well as completely independent prototype/product-development services for RF-related systems spanning a wide range of technical disciplines. Activities include traditional RF topics as well as related digital signal processing pertaining to modems, GPS, etc. We are considered experts in RF system design, frequency synthesis, phase-locked loops, digital signal processing, and communication systems in general. Whether your needs involve technical paper-designs, exhaustive design reviews, or full prototype hardware development and fabrication, AM1 stands ready to serve your technology needs.

Working with AM1 LLC

If you are looking for RF design expertise, an RF consultant, or a RF system design consultant, you may find the collaboration page of special interest. We have worked with many different clients over our 20+ years in the industry. Some of their comments are provided on this site for review.

AM1 LLC Technical Papers

One of the most popular aspects of this site is the wide range of technical articles that it has to offer. The gateway page to the papers provides a brief overview of what is available on this site. Many more free AM1 technical papers are available here.

Most of the technical papers have substantial mathematical content that makes them more readable in PDF form rather than a HTML post. Consequently, almost all of the papers are in PDF form.

Major topic categories on this site include:

      • Antennas
      • Bit Synchronization
      • Communication Systems
      • Design reviews
      • Digital Signal Processing
      • Frequency Synthesizers
      • Modems
      • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM)
      • Oscillators
      • Phase-Locked Loops
      • Phase Noise
      • Technical proposal writing
      • Radio Design
      • RF Design
      • Software Defined Radio
      • WLAN

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